Lights Out


Is your

ForHurricane Season?

Anything You Want.

HESS Keeps
the Lights On.

Alternate Energy’s Home Energy Storage Solution (HESS) is an onsite distributed energy storage system that captures excess solar power, stores it onsite, and delivers it when you need it most—during electrical storms, wind gusts, hurricanes, earthquakes, heavy rains, short circuits, power surges, and brown- and blackouts.

How It Works

If your solar panels are generating more power than you are consuming, HESS stores the excess for future use.

“TRUE UPS” Back Up Power When the grid goes down, the unit provides uninterruptible power supply backup to the site.

Bill Savings When electricity usage is high, the unit dispatches both solar and stored power to reduce consumption.

The Hess Advantage

Alternate Energy is a locally owned and operated solar energy company that has been serving the residents of Hawaii for more than 30 years. AEI is proud to be named the nation’s only Mitsubishi Electric Elite Dealer for their high volume of solar panel installations, product expertise, rigorous installation training, and long-time partnership with the company.


  • 10 year manufacturer warranty
  • Lithium-ion technology with a life cycle of up to 20 years
  • Uninterruptible power supply backup
  • Zero-export: when your PV system produces more than you need, the excess is stored for future use
  • Bi-directional inverter that can interact with battery storage, photovoltaic panels, and the utility grid

Optimize your energy savings, reduce your cost per kilowatt hour, and store all of your excess energy for later use by installing HESS from Alternate Energy.

Purchase a HESS system now and take advantage of the Hawaii Public Utility Commission’s new Self Supply program. Systems are configurable to start saving you money right away.

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